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Here’s the actual scene where this soundtrack comes into play:

I’ve been recently entranced by this piece from the movie Batman Begins. I’ve forgotten the site but someone online had written a wonderful interpretation of this piece. In the first half of the song – according to the interpretation that I read, the child’s voice is a symbol of how Bruce’s childhood ended with the death of his parents – a sort of reminder of who he once was.

The second part of the song demonstrates who he has become. The second video shows how he is finally at peace with what  scared him as a child. A sort of “coming of age” for the higher level of himself – Batman.

I feel that this year the new level of myself will come out. Who this is, I don’t know. I’ve caught glimpses of it – small amounts of time (<10 seconds) of where I was a different, better person than who I was previously.

For those of you who know from my previous blog I went through some rough patches. As traumatic as those events were, I feel that they were purposeful, those events were for something. In Aikido, the founder of the art attempted to teach the art as a way of becoming a better person – the art was the vehicle for him to become a better person, not just a better martial artist. Whether his students listened was a different story.

It is my hope that this year will be the year of positive growth for me. So far, it’s going well. it is my sincere hope that I am correct. I’m not saying I’m going to be Batman, but if I become better than who I was in the years previous, that’ll do.

As a last note, I finally realized why my legs are sore from football Saturday: I didn’t stretch! At the moment I’m attempt to at stretching to my martial arts regime – especially with the legs. It sure brings back memories of when I did Shaolin Kung Fu when I was a teenager!

Maybe I will post my resolutions at a later date. Until then it’s stretching. Till next time.


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