No Resolutions? No Problem…

I’ve never had many strong resolutions in years past. Blame it on my utter lack of confidence in many areas – mix that in with some questionable family history and you have not a whole lot to look forward – or not a whole lot to change from year’s previous.

This year however, will be different. Lest the resolutions become something like this:

Okay my records isn’t that bad, but you see the point. This year, I have resolved to be different, not because I say so, but because it will be. Why? Here are some reasons.

1.) I’m back into blogs. Bad shit went down in September, and there’s no way in hell that’s going to stop me from…writing. In retrospect, I suppose that bad shit happens and it sucks – but lessons learned late are better than no lessons learned at all.

2.) My current dojo is still open to me as my Sensei told me a couple months back. I appreciate his supportive gesture and I have taken up on his offer to continue to train. However my attendance is a far cry from the rate that I use to be. At this time I’m going about 4 times a month!

3.) The people who I had problems with several months back are well…still keeping at eye out on me. Whether it’s for better or for worse I don’t know. But quite frankly I don’t care. I’m only here for my Sensei (plural) and that’s all that matters.

Goals at this point at moving out of my parents house and furthering my interest in martial arts, writing, and debate. Let’s see how that goes. So far, it’s slow and steady by it feels like I’m walking through mud.

As a last note though I’d like to share something (it’s the video below) that, hopefully rings true for all of us are still searching – or are pursuing – that “dream” that we’ve had that were never unrealized until certain times in life. The dream(s) that we hold dear and are only waiting to be realized through resiliency, hard work, balls of steel, and a heart of gold. Till next time.


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