Knowing too much – is knowing too much!

I would like to share something that my Sensei shared with me in one of our one-on-one discussions some time ago. He said – and I quote:

Andrew, your problem is not that you don’t know enough. Your problem is that you know too much!

You have no idea much the weight of this statement to me has been weighting on me recently. Even though this quote was told me over a year ago (a few weeks after my 2nd kyu exam), it has recently presented itself in my life as the Lunar New Year comes on the horizon. Perhaps this is a sign that something monumental is happening.

I will take this quote and embody it to the fullest extent in my life. Both in my martial arts journey as well in my…life journey in general. This tough considering the values that I grew up with and what I’m currently going through in my life, namely my master’s coursework.

No matter, it will happen regardless. I will overcome myself in addressing the problem of “knowing too much”.


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