Young and Bullish

*Edited Feb 1st

Had training this past Saturday, the 28th. After a two week hiatus, it was great to be back on the mat. Unfortunately, after that day it’ll be another two weeks before I could be on the mat again. This time however Mary Heiny Sensei, 6th Dan will be guest teaching as part of her annual 3 state west coast tour (California, Oregon, and Washington).

I’m not going to training as much because…well…I’m running under the weather financially. When you’re living with your parents and as your get older your folks start expecting more and more out of you. Though I admire the sentiment, it’s frustrating to see the trend. We all have our own battles to win I suppose.

So my training will be spotty until I can find another more permanent and bigger cash flow.

Moving to the topic at hand, just this past Saturday the class went well. It got to a point that we reached an exercise for allowing our centers to show itself:

Sensei: [laughing] Ah you’re young and bullish, but this is not an exercise for that!

Later he mentioned something to me while the class was practicing the unbendable arm:

Sensei:[laughing] Don’t be strong and dumb, but don’t be old and weak either!

These statements are rather paraphrased but I hope you get the picture. Honestly speaking I’ve never considered myself “young and bullish”. But for some reason I agree with him. I don’t know why, but I do! I’m 26 years old, hell I’m not that young but I suppose.

Every time now I enter the dojo, I stand a little straighter. Not that I’ve been doing that unconsciously for some time on and off the mat but now I feel it. I don’t have to think about it, it just happens. It just shows itself. Aside from that training, my skills have fallen a bit due to my spotty attendance, but I’ve had a previous arrangement through my Sensei that it’ll be fine that I keep on coming back. It blows that my martial dreams have taken a hit like this (with more cutbacks expected in the future), BUT it means that I am taking my training off mat – to where it actually belongs.

I’ll post something for Mary Heiny Sensei. Till next time.


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