A Comparison of the Cultural Differences in Japanese and Chinese Martial Arts by Bernard Kwan



Thanks in advance of to Rick, his site Cook Ding’s Kitchen and likewise Bernard Kwan from Be Not Defeated by the Rain, for this wonderful post.

I’m sharing this because as someone who is Chinese practicing a Japanese martial art, I find it very refreshing that there are similar people of similar backgrounds practicing this art.

I believe it was Bruce Lee, among others that stated training in martial arts knows no racial, ethnical, skin color, and/or religious boundaries (or something to that effect). This article reminded me of my own journey and one incident last year involving myself and one of my uncles.

He had came to pick me up from the dojo after a particular seminar involving some 60 aikidoka for lunch. In doing so I spoke to him about Aikido and the benefits of the art had given to me. In one off-handed comment he stated – and am paraphrasing:

Aikido? It looks like Tai Chi. Blah, they’re just the same.

While he is a respected family member – and is for the majority of my life, I found his ignorance and arrogance repugnant. I’m happy to say that despite this, he knows that I’m still training to this day.

Arrogance and ignorance really – twin brothers of stupidity. Anyway, just wanted to share the article. Though my experience with both martial arts words are limited, I feel the observations made by Mr. Kwan are true.


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