Resolution #5

So I was doing an interview with the owner of a company whom I’m going to work for a few weeks from now. It’s a temporary staffing agency that specializes in large conventions (technology conventions, state fairs, etc.). She was taking me on a tour of the facility and we reach upon a large lecture hall, a little smaller than the one shown. Probably seats around 500-600 people.

Upon getting over the sheer size of the room. I realized several things:

1. It looks like a Rock concert is going to happen soon

2. Whoever is going to speak here is like a rock star

3. They probably are famous and successful.

It was then that I also made a resolution to myself, one that I feel that I need to write down here in order to keep myself accountable. Also, so that the world may know:

Instead of being an audience member watching someone on stage, I will be that person on stage, being watched by the audience.

That is all. Have a good night ladies and gentlemen.


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