Valentine’s Day

So in a few days it’s the day that lovers (or hopeful lovers) will be attempting to displaying their affection towards one another with various gifts – bought, sold, and/or self made.

Oh well.

One of my male co workers said a few days ago there’s a big difference between how women and men treat the day. His statement read something along the lines of “Women get all bunched up and teary-eyed for the holiday if they don’t find a romantic partner while the men don’t care if they don’t have one.” Amen.

The 14th has always been one of two things for me: nonexistent or bittersweet, usually the former. So for most of the time I mainly shelve my experiences as…well experiences and hope that the experiences themselves would help me avoid any pitfalls.

Which brings me back to my current “love”; martial arts. I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my goal of actualizing my athleticism – even though I don’t have the money to pursue that passion on a regular basis.

This is dedicated to my love of martial arts in particular – which I plan to pursue in the years leading of my passing. I can not imagine anything else I won’t be doing till the day I die.

And lastly to Aikido. Aw man, these days I can feel my skill take a nose dive due to my absence from the mat. But as the “woman” in my life, I give credit when credit’s due. For the foreseeable future, I will not depart Aikido, nor will the holistic values of the art leave me and my maturing self.

*    *   *

On a side note, I wanted to ask all of the male martial artists out there: How have the women in your life dealt with your passion in the art(s)? Historically I was surrounded my women who were easily frightened and put off by anything martial (martial arts, the military, etc.), so their reception of any one of their male relatives/acquaintances practicing anything martial was seen as “odd” or “overly dangerous”. Whatever

Now that I’m a little older, I’ve come to realize that most women are either a.) ambivalent b.) understandably ignorant and/or c.) overwhelmed by the energy of a male martial artist. Maybe I’ve been dating the wrong women, but I always keep my martial adventures secret to my dates – at least in the initial stages of courtship *wink*. This is to prevent any miscommunication – maybe I’m just can be an aggressive guy  in general. Anyway, am I being paranoid much or do I need to switch to different women?

Till next time!


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Regarding the fairer sex, keep an open mind. I gave up ALL training for years while I put my energy into my marriage, my kids and career. As each of them developed I was able to return to my training a bit at a time.Life changes every day.

    While you’re waiting to get back to your aikido training, perhaps take up the practice of zhan zhuang, or “standing stake.” Your mind will clear and your aikido, when you return to it, will have improved.

    1. It’s funny you mention that because I’ve been doing the horse stance for some time now in Aikido. My Sensei seem to not mind at all but it’s always a good experience going a low as you one can go. I don’t know about my mind being clear, but I’ll give it a shot.

  2. My answer about Aikido and girls had been thought and written long ago

    In my previous relationship I discovered at the end that while I was off sweating and enjoying my time on the tatami during the weekends, my ex was off as well sweating and her enjoying her freedom.. on somebody else’s tatami.. futon.. or just bed…….

    C’est la vie!

  3. This is pretty similar to how girls like cars. Most girls like cars because they look sexy. Most don’t care about how much horsepower or valves or anything like that. If you’ve got a great body- cool.

    Most guys think the exhaust note or the revving of engines (body builder muscles/tats) create girl boners- and it does… but only for girls who hate their dads.

    Most girls want to know if their men are passionate about something-true. But they only find their man’s passion sexy if said passion can be used to make them feel special. Which is why music and art are so popular.

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