Food vs. Exercise and Other Stuff…

This year I’ve gone ahead and started an exercise regimen in place of my declined attendance to Aikido. It’s with a Meetup group  that specializes in running – a lot of marathon runners are in this group so I’m a little outclassed. No matter, I’m just here to improve myself.

So for about 5 weeks now I have a workout schedule

  • Wednesday evening – “Boot Camp”: 60 mins of full body workout: abs, core, arms, legs, etc
  • Wednesday [after the boot camp] – Local Gym: 30-40 mins. I do mainly upper body since the movements at the boot camp I find don’t do enough upper body work.
  • Thursday morning – cross country training up the local hills: ~40 mins.

…and actually that’s about all I can do for one week. I wish I could do more, but that is all I can do for now given cutbacks in my paycheck. The reason why? After every moderate to intense workout I get hungry, very hungry. I would end up buying a small protein shake just so that I keep myself healthy. At home, there isn’t much of healthy food to go around…nor is there much food at all!

I eat more than both my parents and sibling put together! Usually there’s only enough food for them and not so much for me because when there’s enough food to go around I eat like a machine. I’m a Viking when it comes to food – I’ve violated (pun intended) many a fridge in my past days.

In addition to my training, I’ve been cutting down and consolidating on my spending habits:

  • No coffee or drinks every time I go to a coffee place for internet. I use to do it as a courtesy to the places that I frequent regularly. Nowadays I use the public library to get internet and I can get things done without becoming lethargic/lazy at home.
  • I don’t go on runs with the Meetup group 4 days/week, which I was doing in the beginning. There’d be groups all over my area running the trails and although there’s the benefit of having to get up at 6am (or earlier) in the morning, there’s gas involved and so I’ve limited myself to Thursday mornings.
  • Going to Aikido only a couple times a month. It’s sad I know. $70/month unlimited classes is a great deal here in my area but I’ve had to cut something, somewhere.
  • Watching my spending in general – only going to free events, grabbing free (healthy) food whenever I can, driving only locally (gas today was at $3.99/gallon today!), no dating…

I’ve done the conscious decision of cutting back in areas of my life that I feel have only had positive outcomes, you have no idea how great it feels! For example on my Facebook account I use to have almost 500 friends, now it’s down to just shy of 300. Along with my spending, I’ve regulated time for myself in doing homework, job applications, and interviews. It feels great – it almost feels like I’m “going back to my roots”, cutting away at the accumulated

Speaking of which I have an interview with an international newspaper tomorrow. Shit, I better get on that. Till next time ladies and gentlemen!


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