Talent, Hard Work, and LINsanity

I’m joining in the Linsanity; not just because I’m of Chinese descent, born in the States and am supporting any person of similar ethnic background, but also…

…I don’t know. For some reason I felt like – as a spur of the moment – to write a post bringing together the topics of talent, hard work, and pure awesomeness.

First up is one Asian brutha’s submission to the American Ninja Warrior game show. This video was shot this month, so this guy is on fire!


Second, someone put together a Nike-esque music video of the recent sensation that is LINsanity – Jeremy Lin himself.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind and my ego are voices from my past decrying “I wish I was like Jeremy Lin!” or “Jeremy Lin is great! Why can’t I have his work ethic!”

*   *   *

The truth to the matter is, why should I be wishing to be emulate the greatness of someone else when I can allow the greatness of myself to come into being? The question that I should accept – and only accept – is:

What will I allow myself to do, what will I allow to happen, in order to create the person(s) who I wish to become?

I do not wish to, and I try not to, emulate some other famous person or celebrity. Though they serve as wonderful benchmarks – a “star to aspire to” and are great guides, it is my own destiny who I will be fulfilling, in the end of all things.


2 thoughts on “Talent, Hard Work, and LINsanity

    1. It sounds like Picasso, Van Gogh, and their contemporaries missed that advice. I’m sure they’re great men but they didn’t go easy on themselves in the psychological department of things.

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