Black Belt Water Boxing

Two things – one, Black Belt magazine in their April 2012 issue will be featuring Aikido! More specifically they will be interviewing Guillermo Gomez Sensei. I just did some digging now and apparently he isn’t a “pure” Aikidoka per se, he’s the head and creator of Martial Fusion, a martial arts/self improvement organization based out of Florida. He’s trained in quite arts so I’m curious to read what he has to say. I remember an old article about Aikido in Black Belt Magazine about 10 years ago and it basically stated that Aikido is an art that’s basically “using the body’s pivot points and natural leverage”.  I don’t remember the exact wording but that particular felt very…underwhelming. I remember feeling like the author did the art and the interviewee (a Sensei from Italy at that time) a great disservice.

Also like he was shoving the art under rug.

Anyway, I’m quietly optimistic about this article. Quietly because Gomez Sensei isn’t a pure bred Aikidoist and since he’s training in other martial arts and he does give off a “commercialize” feel by his website. But maybe having trained in other martial arts gives him a more “marketable” presence than say your bread and butter Aikido dojo. On a personal note, I enjoy the tagline “Aikido against aggression”.

My next feature is what I found on the front page of Kung Fu Magazine. Apparently it’s called Chinese water boxing.

Huh? You decide. Till next time ladies and gentlemen!


2 thoughts on “Black Belt Water Boxing

  1. The LHBF of Helen ‘hao’ Liang is not water boxing in principle nor in form. Her lineage comes from a student of founder Wu Yi-hui..who taught in Nanjing; this teacher certified Pan Yan-liu..who taught Zhou Shu-sheng..who now teaches in Singapore. Helen’s experience with ‘snake’ styling is very evident in her own rendition of LHBF.

    1. Thank you Dr. Conor for visiting. I am no student of Tai Chi or of any Chinese internal martial arts so many of the terminology and information is foreign to me. However I appreciate you coming and clearing the air of the video. I hope to hear from you more often on my site. Take care.

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