Wing Chun Women in the Air

Since I have an amateur interest in Wing Chun, I saw this video just today and remember the story about a 6 months ago. Hong Kong Airlines then primarily as a publicity stunt (really?) decided to train their then new batch of flight attendants in Wing Chun. Here’s a video from the Wall Street Journal.

Here is also the commercial (or at least one of them) shown in Hong Kong displaying Wing Chun

I was mildly disappointed that Hong Kong airlines is mainly doing this as a publicity stunt, but on the flip side it is a good idea. In the cramped confines of an airplane, a flight attendant would need some sort of martial skill in order to “pacify” a physically unruly passenger, especially if they are bigger than her/him. Though still applicable, something like with an “average” Aikido practitioner we need some space to move around, whereas something requiring a little less movement would logically be good.

I don’t know about the skill though; 1 month of training, even 7 days a week would hardly be sufficient enough to learn to use the movements in a good manner. However if a person is in their body enough – learning through their body instead of mentally – they may be able to allow the movements to naturally flow through them and in a high stress situation, pull off something.

One things for sure however, I’ll think twice about messing with one of those female flight attendants!

*Edit: Here’s one more video regarding the same story.



3 thoughts on “Wing Chun Women in the Air

  1. You know at the beginning of a flight where the flight attendant goes through the routine of telling you where the exits are and everything?

    If the senior first did a demo of the dummy techniques, perhaps the passengers would:
    a) pay more attention to the rest of the directions and announcements, and
    b) be a lot less trouble for the duration of the flight.

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