Jonathan “Dumbfounded” Park & Clara “Clara C” Chung

In lieu of a full length post, I’ll be putting this up for now.


Jonathan “Dumbfounded” Park was originally born in Argentina. The oldest of two children to Korean parents, his family moved him when he was a toddler to where he is based out now in Los Angeles. You can find the rest of his information on the wikipedia article above.

He’s been underground and has stayed out of the mainstream music scene, but he’s been making stops into mainstream via youtube with a couple of music videos that look like Hollywood material to me. Outside of the mainstream stuff, not too many artists stick in my head since at the moment I’m more concerned about flow, “precision” (whatever that means), and soul more than numbers and whoever has the “sexiest” beat.

Although that’s good and has its place.

Wanted to share with you a recent video with caught my eye – and ear a couple weeks back. He’s a player and all (am not complaining!) yet pay attention to the lyrics. He’s got this flow that’s unique and that’s all truth. If he keeps up his current pace he’ll make it big within a year or two. Give a brutha some love and stay with him; this years going to be good for this kind of music.

Twitter and Facebook

Yes, I know it’s a little racy, I guess I should have warned you about that! The next one is a collaboration that involved him about a year ago with two other artists, one being Clara Chung and other being Jay Park. I don’t know too much about Jay Park, but I’m going to concentrate on the one who I have a bit of a celebrity crush: Clara C, aka Clara Chung.

Something about Clara’s voice is…angelic. Don’t you think? Like Dumbfounded, she started underneath the mainstream radar, slowly building up her base among the online community, sing covers of songs and all the meanwhile going to college in Irvine, California. Upon graduation last year, her exposure has just exploded with two albums! Okay, maybe not two albums is a big thing, but for someone who only 2 years ago was a youtube sensation that’s a big feat!

Here’s her WebsiteTwitter, and Facebook

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have, till the next post!


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