Jedi Knights + Centurions

Just liked to share this video of this uber modern-day samurai! His name is Isao Machii (Isao being his last name) and this guy is legitimately a Jedi.

The video is a little “Japanese” shall we say (it errs on the melodramatic), but nonetheless it is a great showing of what Jedi Master Isao is capable of. Seeing him be one with the universe reminded me of the story of how one of the yudansha began his training. Over 20 years ago he started with JWS (one of my Sensei) and apparently JWS stated that Aikido was the art to train one to be a Jedi Knight.

I rest my case.

I found his story at this website. Go to the second page, he’s #1 on their list – and I believe rightfully so. Not to say that rest of his fellow X-men are worthy of their own columns at any point.


Cheryl_Tweedy___Jedi_Knight_v2_by_SilentArmageddonOn another note, as of this post I have reached my 1,000th tweet on twitter! This is a great milestone since because…well I don’t know. I read a lot of martial arts related stories and the vast majority of them usually just end up on my twitter since writing about all of them is hard at this point. If you wish to follow my journey there, look me up at @dragonrider0ne.

To commemorate this milestone, I’d like to feature sometime of a milestone outside of my world. In this case, I’d like to feature a 100 year old (repeat: 100 YEARS OLD) marathon runner who will be bearing the torch at the London Summer Olympics this year. Seriously, 60 miles a week? This centurion can out last (pun intended) 98% of all marathon runners! I hope that when I get into my social security years I have more than enough energy to do this! This man makes me lazy!

Till next time!


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