Beer Featurette!

I’m going to take a tangent from martial arts and instead in honor of St. Patty’s day, I’d like to share a beer review! After seeing this video, I’d thought I’d chime in and although I may not hail from the Emerald Isle, I might as well put forth some of the great names in beer from my own drinking history.

*Note – I am NOT a beer connoisseur . I do not work for nor am I affiliated with the beer industry in any capacity. Take this advice with a grain salt because in the end I recommend you to try them yourself and to come up with your own beer bucket list. 

Taiwan Beer – You won’t find this stuff anywhere else other than Asian supermarkets. And that’s only if the owners are from the island of Taiwan, Hong Kong, or anywhere but mainland China (for reasons that are most likely political). This brew is, as the name suggests, is from the island of Taiwan. Brewed since the turn of the 1900s, it as won international awards as recently as 2002. Different from its Chinese cousins TsingTao and Tiger Beer from the mainland, when I first tasted it I couldn’t quite place it alongside Corona, Heineken, or any of the other light beers. It has a different taste when it comes to the other “typical” light beers and perhaps it is due to (what I found out as) the rice that is used in its brewing process. You can find more information about it here at its US website.

My recommendation lies with its distinct taste – a slight domestic Heineken flavor taste with what I suspect as the special Formosa rice added in the beer. Whenever I tell my non-Asian friends about this beer they seem to not have heard of it. This is probably due to how it’s not as marketed in the mainstream as other Asian beers such as TsingTao (China), Sapporo (Japan), or Hite (S.Korea).

So if any of you feel like going beer hunting and like to try something unique, try Taiwan beer. Happy St. Patty’s Day! Stay safe and merry, cheers!


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