My Drug of Choice

…is martial arts. 

More appropriately Aikido. I wanted to share this with you all because of now because I had this revelation, but rather where and when it happened. I was in my graduate seminar just a few hours ago. Like the nine others in my cohort, I was listening to what my professor had to say regarding how to create well meaning curriculum for children (regardless of grade level).

As I was sitting there listening to her talk, the revelation hit crept into my mind:

…Aikido is what makes you tick.

It’s getting close to my graduation date and all of my fellow students are dead-centered on being a teacher. While I am busy maturing from my past experiences.

…Remember martial arts.

I thought this. Right then I realized how much of a better teacher I would be if I were to pursue my own interests; to pursue the things that made me tick. My train of thought continued onto how much I’ve grown since I began Aikido and how I envisioned my journey in that art in foreseeable future. Honestly at that moment Aikido was the only thing that mattered. It mattered more than how good of a teacher I wanted to be (that’s still important though!), and how much I was going to accomplish that task that we did ten minutes after this thought went through my head.

How much as Aikido benefited me? As of today things that I cannot describe. In fact, the process is still going even though my training has been sparse. I have no idea where this will take me, but all I know is that for now, my adrenaline gets pumped up every time I go the mat. Maybe not with all instructors, but I am grateful that with my current ones my true, adrenaline-charged self gets released onto the world.

More on my adrenaline junkie ways in another post, but for now I’d like to have a shout out to Aikido; I may move on to other arts, maybe not. But all I know is whatever I may be doing, I don’t doubt that I will be training till the day I die.

Till next time!


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