It’s Coke, Not Sugar Water!

Drew, throughout your life you’ve been told that coke was just sugar water. So every time you drank it, you were forced to think it was just sugar water. You never had the chance to truly enjoy the coke.

Those words have stuck with me since they were spoken almost five years ago. They were said by a friend of mine whom I had met down in LA when I had picked up a teller position at a bank there. We were sitting at a Starbucks close to my work one night when he said this to me. Funny thing was that we had just met each other the previous week – I suppose we became fast friends. It was during this meeting that the first of many “realizations” came to me.

It is unfortunate that we don’t talk to each other anymore – he always has had his own battles to fight and as man-to-man; I have allowed him his space to win over these demons. Plus I will admit I was not the best person reciprocating the friendship.

Which leds me to my main point. Many of my life’s adventures have been…well non-adventures really.

This year has really been an “opening-up” for me: exercising on a regular basis, taking charge of the emotional reactions to parents, sibling, peers, co-works, Sensei, etc. There are days when I delved through my life’s events and to me it seemed that I skimmed the surface, like a passing meteor.

I was a bit of a bench warmer of sorts; too afraid to get some bones broken; some sweat, bruises, tears, smiles, or exclamation marks on my face. Part of it was due to my shyness when I was growing up, the other a part of my upbringing. Not a badge of honor by any length of the imagination. For example: I remember in high school on Friday nights, instead of being allowed out of the house to hang with my school friends, I was regulated to watching Disney’s Friday night specials with the family. Though innocent – my family members rarely got along with each other, therefore I felt compelled to appease them by being there, all the meanwhile feeling left out of the fun with the rest of my non-family peers. This is only one of the more PG-examples of my upbringing, there are many more honest examples.

My friend’s statement has become a bit of a rallying point for me. A call-to-arms; my driving force, my immortal fortune cookie/coke bottle for grabbing life by the horns and and taking advantage of everything that is free under the sun. It’s sad that money at this point is an issue and that I have very little – if any emotional support from those closest to me. Most of my friends are either married and/or have full time jobs therefore are busy either being successful or busy with their own thing and family is rather apathetic to my interests in general.

In conclusion, this post is to remind myself of my overarching mission in life. To be a player on the court.

  • To be the man in arena, fighting for his honor
  • To be the man taking the team to the championships
  • To be the man who is comfortable in his own skin and with his own goals for the future.
  • To be the man who is in the top 1%.
  • To be a man who is in the arena of life, basking in the glory of life, of his life and in his future.

All the meanwhile enjoying a bottle of coke. Amen.


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