A History of Violence, by Andre Dubus III

Just found this interesting video on my Youtube account. Made me think about how I would react in a fist fight. I’ve never been in one; which makes it an intimidating thought. I know with reasonably amount of certainty that my first fight will be ugly – most likely for me! This is normal considering my sheltered upbringing.

There are a quite a few quotes that I like here. I’ll put some of them down here. What makes this video interesting to me is that even I am training in Aikido – “The Art of Peace” –  I am full aware and embodying the fact and possibility that the day may come when I have to ball up my fists and defend myself and/or whoever I’m with and not give a damn who the other guy(s) are. There are things and people out there that will require a whole different level of being and action where blood may be – or have to be – spilled.

I dunno if I’m looking forward to that. I hope that in some what or another, my Aikido training will come into play in a positive light

Quotes from the video, courtesy of Andre Dubus III:

– It’s harder to not fight, than to fight (5:00)

– I do believe that part of being a man is being able to fend your wife from an assault (2:44)

– I frankly think we need to keep hold of that reptilian part of ourselves that is not reasonable and knows how to tear that membrane if we have to (4:47)

Hope you guys enjoy the video. Till next time!


4 thoughts on “A History of Violence, by Andre Dubus III

  1. When I was a young man and training very hard in Yoshinkan Aikido, I worked midnights in security at a Detroit hotel. Mostly the nights were filled with boredom. When they were not, my training served me well.

  2. Hey Drew,

    Great find! I just posted it up. Maybe Raguel will share some of his experiences.

    bigWOWO (since it won’t let me post under my own name!)

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