Unconscious Decision Making by Dr. Eric Kandel

Found this just now. Very interesting what he’s describing. Remember, Dr. Eric Kandel is a Nobel Prize winning neuropsychiatrist and has been in his field of study almost 60 years.

subconsciousAs I was listening to this, I couldn’t help but bring into context about martial arts. It’s a shame of how martial arts is not exposed to these types of people because honestly; thinking in the middle of a movement, technique, or a violent encounter can mess one up. One of my first inclinations was something that Bruce Lee stated:

When you are thinking of blocking, it is already too late.

Or something in that effect. How many times are we, training in whatever martial art, thinking and not thinking? I will confess right now that when I’m in the moment, there is minimal conscious thought going on – if any. I remember this lesson vividly of conscious thought being in the moment because the one time I allow conscious thought to come in I landed on my knees after taking a high fall. I walked with a limp for a couple days afterward.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this. Till next time.

~ We have reason to believe that some aspects of free will, um, you are not consciously aware of. I don’t think that necessarily means that you are not free, but you’re just not consciously aware of it. (2:06)

~ There are lots of decisions that made better unconsciously than consciously. (3:43)


2 thoughts on “Unconscious Decision Making by Dr. Eric Kandel

  1. One of the things I try to cultivate in my own training is a calm, clear mind. When my mind is calm and clear, things don’t slow down as much as that I simply have the feeling that I have more time in which to do whatever I’m going to do.

    1. For me it’s about allowing myself to be more “in the body” and not being so mental, thus far. On another note, you’ve been commenting here a lot. I should write a post in your honor.

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