New Goals

  1. Wake up early at 6 am, 3 days a week to run at least 4.5 miles. I’ll be including meet up groups into this category.If I don’t make up in time, then if I run at dusk with one of my meet up groups, then that’ll be fine. My goal is to just run!
  2. Continue on attending Aikido as much as my wallet allows. Even if it’s 3 times a month so long as I’m attending Aikido, I
  3. Stretching. Yes, I’ve gotten back into stretching my legs. In my dojo, the physical training is not as prized as much as the essence of the art. Not a bad thing, but I feel that since I’ll be 27 this October (damn I’m old), I’m still young enough to pound my way through life with some physicality. Call it a throwback to my Shaolin days. Call it my primal side coming out. Whatever, I’ve come to like my stretching.
  4. Actually turn in my homework on time for my studies. I’ve never been a good student. I’m a kinesthetic learner, so the Victorian style classroom is the 2nd closest thing to hell that I experienced while as a kid. Now that I have more energy. Yes energy, I actually can give homework some attention. It’s a month before my graduation (yes!) so I guess better late than never, heh.
  5. Going to the Aikido seminar/retreat on the 19th and 20th of May. That’s the only thing I’m looking forward right now. Seems cold considered my graduation is around the same time. However I feel that I’m going to “graduate” into something much bigger than a Master’s degree in Education.

That’s it for now. And just for your viewing pleasure, I’ll give you a video of some wonderful Aikido randori (乱取り)Hope you guys enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “New Goals

  1. Congrats on all accounts! The running and stretching will help a lot. Many traditional Wing Chun clubs are guilty for not having enough cardio/conditioning in them – and the instructors often spout nonsense, telling practitioners to not lift weights or do cardio. I’m stoked for you regarding your graduation and seminar. Keep pushing.

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