Writing is Actually Pretty Hard

Writing is harder than most people think!

I say this because I’ve taken on a personal goal of writing. If many of you have yet to notice I have been so far quite prolific in the number of posts that I write per month, more than I normally do. Actually, most days I only look forward to writing. Not just about martial arts or anything martial themed out there. Not just anything that catches my eye. No, I look forward to writing for its own sake.

As for this blog, I have these unofficial perimeters. They are not rules – just goals:

– It is a martial art themed blog, therefore most of the posts here must have their subjects tied in some way to martial arts.I try to have each post to be a “post”; that is I have to write a long enough post that would justify the topic. No use just writing a few paragraphs.

– If it’s a topic that is deemed martial “heavy”, I open the dam and let the writing flow, flow.

– There are still aspects of my life that I prefer to keep secret, in the event that my reputation becomes too big for me to handle. Hah, I surprised myself by saying that! Anyway, in all due seriousness, all things in due time.

Why do I write? I write because…because I want to? It’s a strange question to someone who simply writes. Like martial arts, running, exercise, being a kinesthetic learner, it just comes naturally. Why do I want to write? I guess it’s the same answer as with the previous question; I just want to! Well I guess a little history cant hurt.

It all started in high school. Sophomore year to be exact (2nd year for the non-Americans). The high school yearbook – it was all right pounding away at events around the high school. Uneventful and dray is how I’d describe my time in high school. Although I did get the opportunity to travel to summer camp (specifically for high school yearbook groups across the country)…and meeting girls.

Come on, I had to admit it!

Moving onto college, I held the position of editor for a newsmagazine for 3 years. Looking back the experience was my first exposure to working with people who were smarter and better than me in terms of experience. It was a socially and personal enlightening experience where I was able to experience what it was like to pour in all nighters into a project/passion where one was not paid for their work and what was expected was feeling good about:

  1. Writing, designed, putting together, and collaborating in someone’s apartment for 72+ hours over a newspaper that would be due in a week.
  2. Often times only sleeping for 4 hours in a period of 3 days.
  3. Pizza cravings at 4 am in the morning.
  4. Seeing a project get handed out to the student body and seeing your hard earned work be canonized – sort of.

Ah those were crazy times.

So basically you can say it was because I started in high school. All of this however, went away my senior year because of two things: 1.) I decided to try out a fraternity my senior year because since it was last year in college, I might as well go all out in my experience in college. and 2.) I had a break with the editor-in-chief (my direct boss) at that time over what direction the paper would go for that year. My opinions at that time were directly from a prominent faculty member of the university who was a big supporter of the newspaper’s message.


That was 2006. It wouldn’t be until early 2010 did I restarted any semblance of “writing”. And even with that I didn’t take my writing seriously till just a few months ago with the goals that I stated above.

I was in for a surprise; I didn’t foresee writing as being this hard. Even for this post, I find myself writing, rewriting, correcting, being my own grammar-nazi, being a spell-check forgetter, and being constantly on the look out for missing words, weird sounding sentences, and just making sure I don’t sound like I have writing dyslexia. Especially for long posts it’s a particularly cumbersome and lengthly process – most of which I tend to ignore – just to make sure my writing makes sense.

Because of writing, the inner grammar-Nazi has resurfaced. As well as my ability to simply pick out mistakes in text. Not to say I will enjoy every piece of text that I see. But just having the ability to “feel” a piece of text is a plus.

Now that I’ve been back for the back two years it feels more natural now. With the exception of 4 months last year, writing just seems like it was hardwired in my DNA early on. It’s sad that I was never able to go into depth with my writing sooner with my life and I wished that I had more chances and people in my life who encouraged my writing skills. But I suppose it’s better late than never.

As is with a lot things in my life. Hopefully this post will not have too many holes! Till next time.


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