Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Ran across this old movie just yesterday on Youtube and boy did it bring back some memories!

I was only 7 years old when I first saw in theaters. I remember that day very well; one of my uncles had paid for the ticket. I had my eyes glued the whole time. The whole movie went by like a blur – seriously. I must have not blinked for minutes at a time because I mean come on, it was a movie about Batman!

That and my uncle slept through the last 80% of the movie. I think he found it boring and rather childish. For the longest time I felt that he was very under appreciative of the movie. The fact that it was about Batman and a very telling episode (still so after all these years) of Bruce Wayne’s/Batman’s life! However, almost 20 years after the fact, I feel that in some way I appreciate him taking the time to take me to watch a cartoon movie.

Even though he never liked it himself.

The movie itself is your a-typical 90s cartoon storyline. The Dark Knight is tipped off that several mob head cheeses are kicking the bucket. Turns out there’s this dark angel, death phantom offing them instead. Along the way the Joker gets involved to protect the mob from Batman (still believed to be the killer still). Yet in the end the “Phantom” turns out to be Bruce’s long lost love who has come back to take revenge on the crime bosses that killed her father years ago.

Long story short: the two lovers had their brief moment of romance yet it didn’t work out. Believing that she had died (spoiler alert!) Bruce continues his vigil over Gotham while she in turn moves on with her life; forever “alone” after her assassinations of her father’s killers.


Now why am I bringing this up? Honestly I’m not sure. It could be the fact that this movie was the first movie that I ever saw in theaters. It could also be the fact that a lot of things happened when I was 7 and 8 years old. Some good, others not so much; this movie is perhaps one of the few best memories that I have from that age period. A tale worth telling to adults who feel something missing from their lives. When I encountered the movie on Youtube several nights ago I ended up watching the whole movie (~70 minutes) in one sitting instead of putting together my senior thesis!

I will posting up another Batman themed post next month, closer to the release of The Dark Knight Rises. Until then, check out Mask of the Phantasm. If you have 90 minutes to spare in your day and a Batman cartoon fan, this is a must! Till next time!


3 thoughts on “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for that movie (and for Batman in general). I don’t think I totally understood it as a kid, with the constant flashback to Bruce’s younger days and his budding romance, running alongside the main plot of the film but I guess that’s the strength of the Batman Animated Series as a whole, it didn’t pander or dumb itself down too much.

    1. With the notable exception of the movie Batman and Robin, the Batman film universe is one of the strongest in today’s society. At least the Batman that I grew up with; the cartoon of the 90s. That’s why I really, really enjoyed Christopher Nolan’s Batman; gritty, realistic, and relatable. The animated series really talked about real-life issues to kids. They just don’t make like that anymore.

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