Cherry Blossom Festival Aikido Demonstration

FINALLY! I have some breathing room! My last class for graduate school is today and while I (think) am done with my stuff, I can finally get back to my blog.

First thing’s first: A little over a week ago my dojo had a demonstration at the local Cherry Blossom festival. This is our 3rd time have been invited back to the festival and every time (minus last year when we forgot to bring mats) we’ve had a blast. Or at least I did. Mainly because I also had a personal stake in this: I had contacted the organizers of this festival 3 years ago asking them if my dojo would be able to demonstrate for them. Since this is the 3rd year running, I am extremely proud that my dojo has had the exposure that it deserves. In the past decade the dojo hasn’t been prolific in reaching out to the community, so it’s a great feeling to be instrumental of getting Aikido’s message out to the community.

As for the festival itself it was pretty good as always, the city of Cupertino always has a huge following at this events. At the festival I took the liberty of photographing the event. Here is some of the things that went down.

Arts and Crafts

…and Aikido. In all of its glory.

One of the black belt candidates flipping me.
Sensei flipping people like a boss.
Boss picture #2
Boss picture #3

There’s too many pictures to share here. I have a whole Facebook album full of them. In lieu of that I have a video that was shot on that day. Hope you guys enjoy it! Till next time!


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