Graduation, Sickness, and Politics – Life Musing

My life is going through some funny changes as of late. Nothing bad, just interesting – perhaps I will update on a later date but first off

Graduation – So I’m set to graduate from my master’s program in a week! Finally two long years of craziness behind me! All I have to say is that it has been a wild ride and an interesting time. In all I feel that my studies have not prepared me for what they intended to prepare me for – to be a teacher. This is partial due to (what I later discovered to be) some mediocre professors and due to my own mental unpreparedness.

The second part is what made the most impact on me. The signs came when my teaching styles clashed with those of my second and third master teachers (for the non-teaching professionals, they would be considered my supervisors) and I had to leave. This happened during the end of September/beginning of October. This series of events made me rethink a lot of things: What am I doing in this program? What do I want out of this program? What is in this program for me?

What the hell is going on?

Haha, all of these things came up. It helped that I was not required to go to class for the rest of the semester. The time away from the hustle and bustle allowed to think and realign myself. Though even now my enthusiasm for my teaching career is minimal at best, at least my time away from the classroom for a short period (October  – December 2011), allowed me to consolidate what I really liked and want to explore deeper in my life:

Martial arts and writing

When that came to me, I realized I was in the wrong place. What the hell was I doing in a teaching program when exercise, martial arts, and writing were the things that made me come alive? It seemed that I was out of place, out of line, out of touch. A wolf in a pack of dogs.

But here I am, done with studying. At least I now I can use my degree to use in finding a job, so that hopefully I will be able to pursue what I really want.

As mentioned in the title, I have been sick recently, therefore my workout routine has been thrown off. I slept in my house yesterday for 3 hours (usually I stay out of my house as many hours as possible) because my headache was just making me tired and unable to concentrate. Now I’m typing this I feel a lot better, although there is still some pounding in the head here and there.

Finally, I found this article interesting. Tim Larkin, an ex-Navy SEAL and self defense instructor of the year (2011) by Black Belt Magazine was recently barred from entering the UK because the Home office (their equivalent of the State Department) believed that his tactics would be used by rioters and other people doing “such things” in light of the recent riots and social unrest.

I’m bringing this up because it sounds…trivial? I don’t much about Mr.Larkin, his part, his work, or his influence. But just thinking that someone can simply be barred for their work on grounds that it “might” incite violence is ludicrous – even if it is on the edgier side (He is ex-military after all). What concerns me is that, this ban was initially for all self defense instructors! Now a couple days after the incident it looks like Mr.Larkin was the only one affected. However, could any self defense instructor be affected? Seeing as how the term “self defense” can be used rather liberally this can be a problem for all martial artists. Could martial artists get caught up in politics and social upheavals? I believe certainly. Only time will tell.

Here is Mr. Larkin’s response to his situation.

That’s all for now. Next up I have my graduation ceremony and the Aikido seminar. Will update on that as soon as I finish enjoying what I was looking forward to for 2 months! Till next time.


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