You know you practice Martial Arts when…

In light of one of my recent experiences in ballroom dancing, I promptly decided to create this list – with a few inspirations in mind – for my fellow martial artists out there. This is slightly Aikido in flavor, but I hope martial artists of all styles and paths can relate and add. Enjoy!
  1. In ballroom dancing, in ANY ballroom dancing (tango, cha-cha, swing, etc) , you bow to your partner after each dance.
  2. Whenever you try on a pair of pants, whether it’d be jeans or dress pants. The first question that comes to mind is not “does this look good?”, it’s “Can I kick in it?”.
  3. When trying on a pair of new shoes, you judge them on how well you tai no henko in them. Or any other movement that involves your feet moving in a sliding motion.
  4. You practice the “unbendable” arm when opening doors.
  5. When you’re riding a train, you allow yourself to assume a horse stance so that the motions of the train don’t’ knock you off as easily as your fellow passengers.
  6. Every so often, per hour, you allow yourself to “center” and be grounded, almost in anticipation of having to do a movement.
  7. You don’t step out of someone’s way when there’s traffic, you side step forward.
  8. Whenever you pass by a punching bag in a sports store or in a neutral public area, you can’t help it but having a few rounds all to yourself.
  9. Whenever you see any hard surface other than a mat, you think to yourself: “Can I roll on that?” (True story: I’ve rolled on concrete).
  10. You look at any hard surface and you think: “Can I put a hole through that?”

Feel free to add any more! Inspiration goes to this site and a couple others of my own making. Till next time!


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