A Message about Art & Life

Found this on Facebook. Couldn’t believe what I read. You can say this came at an opportune time.

I’m in a plateau now in life. I just graduated, yet things just aren’t picking up. I’ll admit that I’m not working as hard as I could be, but it feels like the wind has died down completely. It almost feels like I’m in some sort of perpetual state of moving mediation; one where I am hanging on a tree like a fool (courtesy of Dark Wing Chun).

A state of mediation while hanging upside down from a tree? Or is my “ship of life” drifting in the open sea with no wind? Don’t know which. Whatever it is it doesn’t feel right. I’ve forced myself to do things: go online to look for work 4-6 hours/day at a time. But it seems the harder I force, the harder it becomes. Even my physical body seems to be lagging. Just a few days ago I went to the gym to lift some weights after a 2 week hiatus. 45 lbs bench press on each arm (free weight) is not a problem for me, but on that day it felt like I was out of gas – I couldn’t even lift my lowest weight ability. I attempted to some lighter weights but it seemed like my body was just out. It felt weird so I had to call it a day.

I felt like I should press on – like I always do. But I felt given the fact that I couldn’t even lift my minimal weight level, that I should call it a day. It sucked.

Anyway, that was just one example. Surprisingly I was able to run 8 miles non stop just this past Saturday, which was fucking awesome! It also bugged because I wasn’t able to lift a few days before. Perhaps this past week was one of those phases that Mr. Glass said about here.

Till next time!


4 thoughts on “A Message about Art & Life

  1. Kushida Sensei told us that he plateaued for over 10 years before he had a breakthrough.

    You must do the work. What you posted resonates with the 10,000 hours idea that is the theme of Outliers.

    Make every repetition count, or it is a lost opportunity.

    Now having said all of that, you can’t master something by brute force. You have to let the art shape you.The only way to master something is to submit to it.

  2. Mona – Wise words from a wise person.
    Rick – Glad to see you again. 10 years? Jesus I’d think he’d move on to something else. If that was my Aikido training sure no problem (no rush here). As for my personal life I don’t think I have THAT long. Nonetheless, my journey continues. As always, your wise words are appreciated.

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