Some Aikido Videos

Just found this awesome Aikido video. Just look at the guy’s reversals! I’m sure his presence of being in the moment is just phenomenal. The weird thing is that I’ve trained at the dojo that is shown in this video before and I’ve never seen him, now I want to!

This second video is more informal, but it displays one of the few media representations of Aikido that I’ve ever seen. This is a fight scene from the Japanese anime Baki the Grappler. I’ve been told this series isn’t the best out there, in fact it has been described as rather underwhelming and rather weird here and here. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the few minutes of Aikido-ish representation. Albeit in an odd way…


3 thoughts on “Some Aikido Videos

  1. I have to admit, it’s been a while since an aikido video made my jaw drop and exclaim “what!?!” but that one did, I have never seen that sort of countering technique before.

  2. Rick – I’ll check out the video one of these days!
    Paul – Lol, I seriously believe those were not techniques, but rather just movements that he did on the fly. That I believe is the true “art” of Aikido (or any martial art) – being able to do and create things on the fly.

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