Running for Money

Once upon a time I was a student at a tutoring center. It wasn’t a glamourous place or time in my life, but my parents ever so conscious of my sub-par math skills at that time in high school they felt that tutoring in my Math basics would be beneficial for me.

Among the many hours and minutes droning over useless addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division activities I actually had some good tutors. Even though some of them weren’t my direct tutor, all of them got a long together as work colleagues and often they would exchange banter while us students were doing our work.

One day one of the tutors (can’t remember his name for the life of me) was speaking with my tutor about running. Couldn’t help but listen in on their conversation over our heads. Among the sentences that they exchange, one thing stood out so much that I still remember today – some 11 years later.

Long distance runners tend to have good long goals, while sprinters tend to have good short term goals. 

Fast forward to the present and I’m still a long distance runner! All my life I’ve always favored long distance/trail running to sprinting. Something about the slow beating and pounding under you gives you a sense of purpose or rather rhyme. Not to mention I feel it’s a little harder than short distance running.

Thinking back, it feels as if I was conditioned to even think like a long distance runner! I make goals that more general in nature, with details left to the wind. So long as I’m headed in *that* general direction, all will be well. You may guess that I’m not much of a micromanager of sorts. I actually hate trying to control the details. I like to believe I have enough sense to pay details the attention they deserve at the appropriate time.

Long distance running is all about the beat, the rhyme. The beat of nature I suppose. There’s almost nothing like it, no exercise that matches the motions of it except for swimming.

Speaking of which, I just bought a new pair of running shoes, which are the ones that are to the left. Got them for $65. Took them for 8 miles and put them through a boot camp already since getting them on Monday.

Since we’re on the topic of long distance running and exercise, just found this interesting article yesterday. Basically the premise is that the more you exercise, the more likely you’ll earning 9% more than those who didn’t.

9%? Really? I was hoping for something like 50% more. That way I can feel a little better about my own economic and social predicaments. Maybe not that good; still I will agree with the author that exercise does make people more productive. I’ve always had an intuitive sense that exercise somehow made me more centered, calm, relaxed, and productive.

Not as much as Aikido has, but still.

Nonetheless if exercise = money, then hell, I’ll exercise 4 days a week if it means big bucks in the long run! Now if only I can get my own long term goals into shape.


Just remembered; my sensei’s birthday is today! At 64 years old, JWS has been training for almost 40 years in Aikido. The brown belts and the yudansha have been secretly preparing a party for him after class tomorrow. I have the beer and apple cider at hand. Today will also be good because it’ll be my first training since the retreat almost 4 weeks ago. Hail the good times now and ahead!


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