Aikido on Howcast – Feature & Review, Part Five

Koshi Nage

Aiki Otoshi

Hiji Waza



Koshi Nage, or more colloquially known as “Koshis”, is in my opinion one of the funnest (that’s not a word, but oh well) techniques to do. It’s also one of the first “scariest” techniques for beginners to master and to get use to. In this video I like how smooth the uke’s rolls are in relation to the Koshi. Getting a smooth roll out of a Koshi is extremely hard – and intimidating – the first few times around. In my experience it can also be downright dangerous! I remember one time I landed on my head getting off of a Koshi – however it was my fault I was concentrating on looking at the ground instead of the actual fall!

Typical Koshi Nage

I actually haven’t done Aiki Otoshi too much, but the few times that I’ve done it, believe me it is awesome! Extremely hard to do as a beginner or anyone who doesn’t do it regularly. For uke it can be a harrowing experience – dropping suddenly without the support of your legs which most of the techniques allow the uke at least one foot on the ground. I can only say from my own experience that it is a centering exercise rather than a “hitting one”. It’s very easy to get caught up in the technique (as with all techniques). As a side note: Aiki Otoshi does look like a Judo throw that I’ve seen somewhere. For those of you who are Judo people, let me know what movement this resembles; I do remember hearing my sensei say that there are some techniques in Aikido that were “borrowed” from Judo.

It’s funny how I really don’t know a lot of the technical names, but it seems that my dojo has already covered things such as Hiji Waza without even using the technical names themselves – we just do them! A very good selection and variation here in this video; very technical – too technical – coming from a linage that is more of the presence of practitioner rather than technicality. The technique at 1:45 seems to be very popular among law enforcement – I remember seeing this one in some police videos that I’ve seen here and there. I’d like to also bring to your attention the last technique that he did in the end – very well executed and beautiful. I may disagree with Mike Jones in his emphasis in the art, but I certainly admire his technique.

Lastly dude! I have NOT heard that Aikido has these types of chokes, such is Kubishime techniques. Many of these techniques that I see here will look very familiar since most people will have seen them in other martial arts. Honestly, chokes that are demonstrated here are not covered in my dojo. I wonder why. I suppose this would be a good question to ask my Sensei on a spare day. But anyway, great techniques to know in the event that chokes are needed. I enjoyed this video and you won’t be surprised to see me attempting this chokes in the future!

So far, this series has been hitting my expectations; in the brief minutes that each video offers, it’s a good technical (emphasis: technical) glimpse of the martial art. I’ve like to see more of emphasis on the presence/body work that is emphasized in my dojo, but you win some you lose some. Till next time!


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