8 Things that the Justice League has taught me…

…about life.

Okay maybe not just 8 things but I’d say after watching over 30 episodes in the past few months has reminded how much I’ve learned about the world from a superhero heavy cartoon show. Aside from the awesome characters, starting from the 7 founding members to the expansion of the league at the 3rd and 4th seasons, the series offered something that has been lost since in the cartoon industry: realism.

Maybe not the fact that anything can destroy diamonds or that radio com links can survive molten lava, but in this politically-correct obsessed society of ours, gone are the days that we actually show and teach our children what society is and expects of them and instead we have shows that display what we think our kids should know. I actually remember in high school watching this show on occasion, but not really paying attention to it. It was only in the past 3 months of watching this have I had a renaissance (if you will) of what this show could have meant to me then.

Did this show influence me in my martial aspirations? Actually no, I think this was before my time. In retrospect, this topic would be better for a different post.

Alas the Justice League is one of the last cartoon shows that actively dealt with topics like feminism, acceptance, loneliness, racism, differences (or lack of) between good and evil, love, paranoia, relationships, trust, team work, character development etc. So in a flash (pun intended) of brilliance, I’ve decided to compile a quite list of the 10 things that I’ve learned from the cartoon series – or rather 10 things that make this series a serious cartoon to consider when devising plans on saving the Earth from evil doers and domination.

So ladies and gentleman this is what the Justice league have taught me.

1. Batman is awesome, always: Having Superman call you the most dangerous man in the galaxy is a big bonus.

2. You don’t’ need powers or size to kick ass: I also learned this while watching the first generation transformers cartoon. For some reason the small guys would always win against the big guys. Why is that? I don’t know, but with money, power, connections, and the occasional superpower (or with Brainiac in the head), Lex Luthor just can’t cut it with Superman or the rest of the league.

3. Those who don’t have superpowers, or who can’t rely on any, can be more powerful than even those with powers: One word: Batman

4. The relationship between our human side and our powers is what makes a superhero, not the powers themselves: Superman isn’t superman because of his powers, he’s Superman because he’s also Clark Kent. Batman wouldn’t be Batman if it weren’t for what happened to Bruce Wayne. In the episode “Only a dream”, the Green Lantern aka John Steward was told that the ring chose him, not the other way around, since the ring’s near-infinity power simply does not chose anyone to wield its power.

5. Marry a superwoman, especially if you are a Batman: Again, no explanation needed. Besides, I wonder what powers the love child of Batman and Wonder Woman would have…

6. Relationships are a perfect topic to be discussed in a children’s cartoon…: Why not? It isn’t like the kids are already exposed by the likes of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Co. If you’re going to introduce adult stuff to kids; “prepare” them. Then you might as well introduce to them all the trails, tribulations, and frustration(s) when it comes to being in and out of love.

7….and so is racism, bigotry, subtle sexual innuendoes, the lack of difference between right and wrong, etc.: Children should not be protect from the harsh realities of adulthood. Quite the opposite; children should be shown what it takes to do what is appropriately best in situations.

8. Immaturity can be a great mask for the genius that’s underneath: The Flash is a great example of this. Since we’re on that topic, not all geniuses have glasses and pour over forensic files in lonely lab somewhere.

9. You can have 50 types of vision, and still can’t see what’s in front of you: Through 4 years of being around Diana and Bruce, he still can’t see that Diana has a thing for the Caped Crusader.

10. Money counts as a Superpower: In the case of Batman, it does count as one.

That’s it for now; hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I had putting it together. I hope that I’ve brought to your attention how awesome the Justice League is. This is by no means a complete list since I’m “taking a break” from my usual martial topics. Add more as you wish. Till next time!


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