Aikido on Howcast – Feature & Commentary, Part Seven


Tachi Tori

Jo Tori

Tanto Tori


Kotegaeshi is a lot like an old recipe handed down from your grandparents; it’s very basic, it has a long tradition, and good go-to technique if you’re stuck in a jam, yet people keep on having different ideas and ways of doing this old technique! This technique is a signature move in many a Steven Seagal movie. That said, good basic video; like most of his other videos, I get the impression that Mike Jones sensei is sometimes using strength rather than a whole-body approach. Regardless, I’m thoroughly enjoying his demonstrations.

Since my dojo doesn’t concentrate on weapons too much, Tachi Tori has finally now entered my vocabulary where my dojo have always done tachi tori without telling its technical name. That said I want to rephrase what Mike Jones is saying on a couple of things (with all due respect to Sensei Jones). At 1:04 he states “drop your weight”, although this is true up to an extent, I’ve be taught that simply extending the whole body, lining up with the sword (in your hands) is a more honest way to expressing the technique since “dropping your weight” can be misinterpreted easily.

Again, another technical name that I missed. However Jo Tori is practiced in my dojo quite often. Loved the improvising and the “mistake” at 2:48; the jo smacking against the uke’s leg and for the time period of 2:45 – 2:50. The improvisation in this episode is great; uke was good with the notable exception (on both Mike Jones Sensei and his uke’s part) of the Jo nikkyo at 3:00.

And lastly, the tanto tori video here does a good job at displaying some of the basic moves in Aikido regarding how to handle the tanto. As a personal opinion, I stress tanto and not “knife”; handling a knife and a tanto are different experiences which actually makes this type of training a hot button issue between those who are strict to the techniques and those who wish to get a more “realistic” set of training when encountering a knife. I consider myself in the later party. I’ve never been attacked with a knife (…yet *knocks on wood) but I’ve done some independent sight seeing and sampling and it sounds like getting attacked with a knife is a scary and fast experience which can get out of hand very quickly. I’m not saying that this segment is fake; what I’m saying is when it comes to topics of knives and weapons, one must respect techniques taught along with realizing that people on the street will do things completely differently than in a dojo.

Please note that for this series, I will be saving my full critique and review for the very last episode (Part 9), that’s why I’m not saying too much in my mini-reviews/summaries. Without further ado however, there are two parts left! Till next time.


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