Women have the Meanest Joint Locks!

Don’t let her beautiful figure deceive you fellas, her wrist locks will have you begging in no time!

Believe it or not, it is my opinion and in my experience that women have the meanest joint locks in Aikido.


I don’t know about the other arts. However in the 6 years that I’ve been training in the art the most natural locks belong to the women. This is of course aside from the masters themselves (who are usually male by the way). Most of my male counterparts don’t believe me, but I’ve been trying to tell them for years! The ladies can really smash your wrists if you aren’t being a receptive uke.

Now of course, training is still needed here. What I’m saying is once the training is regular, consistent, and have the full body-mind component of Aikido down, women can really put the hurt on with those wrist locks such as nikkyo.

As my dojo for example, my two sensei obviously have the best wrist locks. NSS is just power. Power, power, power. He’s not going to stop for you – his nikkyo will make you go. Haha, just thinking about his nikkyo makes me laugh. On the other hand, JWS’s nikkyo is more subtle. Less power, yet he has a vice grip like no other.

After those two, the women of the dojo make me cringe every time I pair up with them for joint locks. There’s this one 3rd Dan in the dojo; a thirty-something, 5’8″ Chinese woman who can do a such a vice grip I still remember it a year later today.

She wasn’t even trying. I remember she was very calm and centered. I thought then perhaps it was because she was a 3rd Dan. But then two friends of mine who were 1st Kyu and 3rd kyu both had the I’ll call effortless nikkyo techniques. It’s definitely different from any male technique that I’ve felt – there’s some sort of strain that you can feel from most of the experienced males, with women it seems once they reach a point in their training in nikkyo in this case, their ability to execute these joint locks skyrocket.

In fact, after my two sensei, the next three best nikkyo-ers my dojo belong to women.

I’ve probably suffered had more nikkyo’s done to me than I can count and I must say women, once trained of course, have it down to men. Why is this you ask?

I don’t know either. Maybe something biological? One example is it has been proven that women have more of the pain numbing chemicals in their bodies than men do, hinting at that fact that they can tolerate more physical pain than their male counterparts.

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe women just have that “magic” touch that us fellas have to make up with our strength or whatever comes up in our systems. I only have nikkyo as a sampling size, and I’ll admit I don’t know too much about the other joint locks. But nikkyo is the highlight here.

Till next time.


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