Batman is definitely Asian

Why? Here are the reasons:

He’s studious. As in he looks for targets in his targets. Or wherever it hurts.
He’s a great student – also being great at Biology, Chemistry, Archeology, kinestheology, criminology, and bunch of other “ologies” I can’t think up right now.
He’s the quiet silent type that allows his actions to speak for themselves.
He’s also the quiet type because he uses his fists and stare to get answers rather than talking.
He’s courteous. As in he doesn’t kill you. He never resorts to. Because he doesn’t have to. Because he’s fucking Batman.
He’s good at math. No wait, he’s GREAT at math.
He has a lot of money – something many ladies will appreciate
He is extremely goal oriented; nothing stands between him, justice, and a good ol’ bone breaking.
He’s a “behind the scenes” type of guy. You know, kicking ass, taking names, and…more kicking ass and taking names.
He’s scary. Really, really scary. Like scare the shit out of you scary.
He’s mild mannered because he never boasts about his adventures. His adventures boast about him!
People looked down on him first – but that changes later.
His mind is his greatest weapon (Along with his intuition, martial art skill, wit, gadgets, and raw willpower).
He knows martial arts – I’m sure he also knows acupuncture.
He only speaks when he has to, as in the pause before he breaks your leg.

He scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Then promptly scared the shit out of the procter and stabbed the Joker in the leg with his pencil. You know – using the Joker’s pencil trick on himself.

Till another night.


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