I have a Bone to Pick

Darksiders II, Death Returns. To be released on all game consoles and PC in 2012

With my past – whose many opportunities I have missed to grow myself professionally, personally, and emotionally before the weight of adulthood landed on my shoulders.

With my present – whose current situation collides greatly with what I aspire to be for my future.

With my future – the dream of being a successful, fulfilled, self-confident, and accomplished individual is a constant uphill battle with the number obstacles growing by the week.


I have a bone to pick, because as adult, I cannot make any mistakes anymore.

I have a bone to pick, because with more and more responsibilities to do, I have am further and further away from who I could be.

I have a bone to pick, because growing up, I was unable – and deprived of – being able to make my own mistakes and to learn from them. By myself

I have a bone to pick, because now as an adult, one mistake can lead to unintended – and fatal – consequences. Consequences that have proven disastrous.

Never again.


I have a bone to pick, because at this very moment, this is all that I have to go forth on my journey of self fulfillment, self actualization, and self worth

I have a bone to pick, because although I can no longer make mistakes, I understand that in order to become great, I will be making mistakes a long the way.

I have a bone to pick, because although the adult word is hellish and unforgiving, I must go through it in order to be a responsible, self-confident, accomplished, and successful adult.

I have a bone to pick, because it is only now that I have am at a place in my personal and emotional development that I can learn and grow honestly and truthfully. Whereas in the past, it was the opposite.

I have a bone to pick, because I have missed too many opportunities, I must never miss any more!


I have a bone to pick, because no matter what, I must continue upward.

I have a bone to pick, because somehow, I will prevail

I HAVE A BONE TO PICK, because I will succeed…


5 thoughts on “I have a Bone to Pick

  1. It’s all in your head. All of your obstacles and limitations are of your own making. Don’t blame anyone else and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Change your mind.

    The Four Noble Truths from http://www.TheBigView.com :
    The Four Noble Truths
    1. Life means suffering.
    2. The origin of suffering is attachment.
    3. The cessation of suffering is attainable.
    4. The path to the cessation of suffering.
    Brad Warner is an American Zen Priest whose writing is very approachable. You may find that you can better relate to his writing more than other Zen teachers because he’s fairly young, writes like a normal person and lives in the mainstream of life (and plays bass guitar in a band).

    Here’s his blog: http://hardcorezen.info/

    Here’s a pointer to his first book, which would be worth your while to check out: http://www.amazon.com/Hardcore-Zen-Monster-Movies-Reality/dp/086171380X

    1. Rick – So you prompted me to look up the meaning of “A bone to pick”; just realized I had it wrong. Thanks for the recommendation though. Am looking at it now and so far it looks awesome!

      There are some people who need a little guidance to stand on their two feet though, I will say. For some people the journey to self-actualization, greatness, and non-suffering takes longer than others with more obstacles to overcome.

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