Aikido on Howcast – Feature & Review, Part Nine

Health Benefits of Aikido

Aikido Safety tips

About the experts (Mike Jones, Steve Pimsler, Claire Keller)


I thoroughly enjoyed how honest Mike Jones Sensei is regarding the health benefits of Aikido. Especially telling is his mention of how Aikido is a whole body exercise rather than just strength or just stretching. My experience has been especially for long sessions of high falls and uke-ing, you can easily earn yourself the equivalent of an 8 mile run or 30 minutes of cardiovascular training, though this not always the case. The whole point is having a whole body/mind mending where even though stretching and strength are not emphasized (through the requirements of the art), you are still through the martial aspects of it benefiting your system as a whole.

Safety is always a big thing in Aikido. Fortunately like with most martial arts, other less “strenuous” workouts like Yoga, pilates, and working out tend to have a higher injury rate than Aikido. That being said. The statements that Mike Jones is stating are very true. The small joints especially can be injured if someone tenses up and gets scared (they go hand in hand).

This one is very cool in how Howcast displays the bios of the “experts” of a series that they feature. I’m surprised that Steve Pimsler never stated that the title “Shihan” actually means Master Teacher . Perhaps an attempt to be humble? Claire Keller I find is quite inspiring; she’s been training since college and from the years that she stated she’s probably been in Aikido for 27 years, since I was born in 1985. Last but definitely not least is Mike Jones Sensei. After hearing his bio and his employment at the New York Aikikai I realized that I should have guessed he is an uchideshi , or a live-in student at the dojo. He just gives off that vibe – I suppose it was his body movement that gave it away; the very technical way of explaining and doing the movements.

I will be writing my final thoughts and commentary on this series in the next post regarding this series. I just thought it might be better to separate my opinions of the series as a whole from my commentary.


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