Of Passion and of Heroes

This recent post from Dark Wing Chun got me thinking of ourselves and our own heroes within us. The path to become – to be – the hero that we envision ourselves to be is a harsh and treacherous road. One that can be unforgiving in its nature and its obstacles. But at this point in time I am inclined to think that somehow this journey can be undertaking even by those who have yet to actualize themselves.

Just typing this out in the library, I remember a statement made by one of my aunts a year ago:

[Drew], you tend to follow your own drumbeat. 

That was over a year ago, few things have transpired from that statement so a lot remains to be seen. The post also reminded me of this video that I saw a couple days ago. Now the only question is, how much work are you willing to put in order to actualize your true self? I’ve read that by following your passion or if you’re headed in that direction, you’d have more stamina and endurance to go through whatever negative situation(s) you may encounter in your life. Just like your true “hero”.


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