I’m an INTJ

…and an introvert.

I’m sitting here in my room at the dorm waiting for the Italian high school students to arrive tomorrow. I will meeting them at the airport tomorrow at noon, and hopefully it’ll be smooth. After discussing with my boss and two of my fellow camp counselors, things are off to a rocky start and we’re kinda hoping that things will go okay when they arrive.

Which leaves me some time to write. So I’ve taken an interest recently of personality types and after revisiting this topic after a while, I’ve realized that I’m a very heavy (~80%) INTJ.

You have NO IDEA how many times this happens! Although i won’t be talking about quantum physics…

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

It’s weird seeing all of these; I feel my angle(s) of approach in my Aikido is very…analytical. Got me in trouble many, many times in class. So many times that it has become a running gag within the Aikido group in my dojo. I’m happy to say that I’ve reached a point in myself and in my…humanity that a level of self-actualization has happened where my intuition plays more of a role now than my analytical side. In fact, I’ve become less analytical and more “just do it” type. However, my analytical still stalls my system in mid-movement – it’s maddening. Perhaps I’m less of an INTJ in some areas.

I’ve also discovered that I’m a very, very introvert person. Is it just me, or are most good (I swear I’m not touting my own horn here!) martial artists introverts? Both of my Sensei are extreme introverts – one of them even admitted to me personally. I have come to the conclusion here because it seems that I’m only centered and calm – and “grounded” it seems whenever I’m by myself and/or when I’m alone at night.

Again, I swear I’m not some night owl – although for the majority of my life I’ve always been thrilled at staying up past midnight. But I’ve arrived at my conclusions though the fact that interacting with my associates here – fellow camp counselors, including my attractive female Italian boss – can be rather tiresome for me. It’s nothing bad, I need to known and to have experience conversing with people in life. However it seems that my “Zen” zone only happens when I’m alone – and at night.

There’s something about the day which I feel – a bit out of my element? Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun and all and being around the sun makes me feel like Superman being revitalized. But there’s something about the night that once I get my ego out of the way, it’s quite invigorating.

If you do your research more, it seems that INTJs make great evildoers! It is my hope that I don’t become a Sith lord when I grow up. Otherwise my Sensei will have my head!

All right time for me to sleep and get ready to great the Italians from a 9 hour flight. Till next time.


5 thoughts on “I’m an INTJ

  1. 80% INTJ doesn’t make sense. Each of the four dichotomies has its own percentage.
    For example I’m 75% Introvert, 80% iNtuitive 80% Feeling and 50/50 Perception/Judging (X)

    1. That’s not what I meant – and I wasn’t using that system. I said 80% to state that the descriptions for INTJ are 80% accurate for me, I have a little bit from the other personalities. Although I might need to look at those numbers that you stated to be sure.

    1. I used to be a pretty extreme P type, but I went through some ordeals and I learned to nurture my J side. As well as my Extroversion. The thing I don’t like about MB is that people start pissing matches and complain about other types or “I’m X-function so anything remotely Y-function is completely out of my reach. Also the numbers I stated earlier were from about 3 years ago. Don’t know how much I’ve changed since then.

      1. Bop – Yeah that what it seems like, as one goes through different experiences, you mature past your “core” self. On a side note; could your wife do an evaluation over the internet?
        Tommy – I kinda view MB stuff like the zodiac (both western and Chinese); at the end of the day, you get to decide who you will become, not what some paper tells you to. Although that stuff can be interesting!

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