Old Files: Halloween Poem

In an effort to make take personal information off of my Facebook, I’ve decided to move some of my old notes to here so that they can be kept in a more private and writing-friendly space. Over the next few entries, I will feature some of my old works from years past. In the mist of getting back from my camp counselor position and attempting to finish the last of my studies, I will try to sneak in some more original posts – especially concerning my recent job position, some thoughts about The Dark Knight Rises, and the concept of role models in one’s life.

Here’s the first one of what I’ll call “Old Files”. Titled “Halloween Poem” because I went dressed as Leon S. Kennedy, one of the chief protagonists in the award winning video game series Resident Evil.

Halloween Poem Written: October 31, 2011

Leon S. Kennedy here, killing zombies without fear.
Trick or treat, taking down Umbrella is no easy feat.
Though kicking ass is fun and all, sometimes I just want to take Ada Wong to the ball.
Between Las Plagas, the T-Virus, and the Illuminati;
I can’t keep track of my enemies for I have one too many!

But alas, the gods of ass-kicking have commanded me,
for I am their instrument and it is my believe that my work will set me free.
Damn, the zombies are here! This Halloween will be full of fun, with many zombies eating, killing out and about.
These undead folks are nothing compared to a 2,000 pound killer trout!

Though my love life is nonexistent and unforgivable,
I hope to be able to take Angela Miller on a date when able.
A secret service agent, I had humble beginnings as a cop.
At this point I really hope that Resident Evil: Damnation won’t be a flop!

From Umbrella to Tricell, from Claire to Ada, I have yet to fail,
My life is one long tale.
With that said I must go, for zombies and evil masterminds don’t rest in rain, sleet, or hail.
I have no regrets, in this life or the next.
For this I do not rest.

I am just a man on a mission, and am no boy scout.
With that said, this is Leon S. Kennedy, over and out.


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