The Hardest Teacher

Is life itself. 

It gives the test first, then the lesson later. That’s why “winging it” through life is a dangerous path to take. You see you have to make the mistake first before you can learn new experiences. It sucks really – especially when you don’t have guidance – or good guidance for that matter in your life.

However I will say that “winging it” does have it’s advantages; you are allowed a certain amount of personal freedom – one where you really, can do whatever the hell you want. You are free to mold and shape yourself into whatever you wish to given the circumstance.

Although I will also admit that being your own parent is a daunting task. Though I am yet to be financially independent and on my own – just keeping yourself accountable compounded with “winging it” through life is a skill that has a steep learning curve, harsh consequences, yet solid results.

Solid results which etch in my mind and soul the lesson that is learned from the experience(s).


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