The Hardest Teacher, Part Two

To continue what I was talking about in the previous post, I’d like to present how life is the hardest teacher. Martial arts is a great example of this.

When you punch, kick, move, etc. everything is done first, then the thought comes afterward. There I said it; like how the test comes first, the movement of any physical part of the body comes first, then the thought of it. If done correctly; the physical proceeds the thought; the thought itself is merely an echo; an instruction from the brain/mind of actually doing it. I can think of the class that I had the day before in Aikido, where it seemed that the years of training that I had up to that point (4 years) didn’t add up to the fact that I was doing somethings as if I had more experience than that.

So basically the hardest way of learning something new – actually doing it – is also the best way to retain the said experience.

Kind of sucks if you ask me or most of my friends. “Do I REALLY have to do it?” is what I often hear from them and myself. As I keep on telling myself over and over again.

Yes you do. Yes, you have to do it!

In order to actualize the experience, open yourself up to the situation. Don’t let your ideas get in the way by being easy with them and allow your body to do the deciding. Or at least that’s as much as I can actualize of what my two Sensei have taught me so far.

I’ve included a scene from Enter the Dragon because I feel it demonstrates – actualizes – what these type of learning strategy might be to those who are unfamiliar or scared by it. Experience is the hardest teacher; it can come lightening fast, slowly terrifying, or like water bubbling down a hill. but when it hits you it hits you with a sincerity and intention that is rarely found in an artificial classroom.

Then it goes on its way, leaving you either dazed, confused, awed, amazed, and often all of the above.

It is my hope that I pursue this path with the utmost sincerity and unyielding intention. Too long have I been taught artificially by people who either not the vaguest clue as to honest teaching is, nor have I been in the presence of those who are true to themselves in any given situation – martial and otherwise.

It is also my wish to be in the presence of those who are honest to themselves and their paths in their lives. I care not as much as which path they are taking, I care mainly for the fact that they are doing it honestly and wholeheartedly.


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