August Training Log

So this month I pulled myself and my wallet together to finally pay a month’s tuition at my dojo. You have no idea how exhilarating it is to know that I will be going to Aikido 3-4 times a week – even if it is only for a month! I made this decision based on several reasonings:

– My basic technical skills have suffered enough to warrant some squaring away.

– There have been a couple life events during the summer that had me unsettled during those times. I feel that I’m reaching a couple points in my life of some serious personal and emotional growth and the ride has been bumpy. I figured might as well go back to the one thing and place where I’ve found to be able to settle myself and be myself. This is the main reason for me going back just for this month.

But why this month you ask? Honestly I don’t know. As I mentioned several life events have prompted me to return to the dojo. None are bad, and none have been threatening; but I feel that perhaps this is a good time to go back and solidify some things.

So in lieu of this I will documenting the days that I go to the dojo. I’ve missed a couple of days already but hopefully I will squeeze those in as I go. The next day I plan to go is this coming Tuesday.  Let the training begin!


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