Tuesday, August 7 Training

The guy on the right was me a lot of the time for the first year. Photo courtesy of http://www.toonpool.com

I went to the noon class. In the past when I began training at this dojo noons were very sparsely populated; usually it was the working guys who were able to squeeze in some training during their lunch hours. Nowadays in the past year it seems that noon classes are just as big as some of the evening classes – around 15 people today.

Today was a pretty cool day, one of my first trainings after my job with the high school kids. There was a new guy in the class; extremely green. He had the whole deer-in-the-headlights look about him and this became apparent when walking him through the shihonage with him. After only having 2 weeks of training in Aikido, his progress is not uncommon (I remember my own first 3 months of trial-by-fire).

Walking him through the technique Sensei came along and took him aside and had a long chat with him. I was a few feet away and heard a couple of things which included the whole jar analogy of how the human mind is.

Sensei told the student that the human mind is like a jar full of water and another heavier liquid. After first explaining his analogy he went on to state that through life our “jar” gets shaken up by events and choices (and whatnot) then everything becomes all mixed up. Being “shaken up” is then shown in our body movements.

I was looking at the new guy and I thought that he felt a little overwhelmed by what Sensei was telling him. But I felt it was a good consultation by  Sensei – I felt it also broke down most of the ideas that he had in his head and pointed him to Sensei’s goals for the class. That is technique matters not and rather concentrate on being in a calm and balanced state.

Other than that, this was a normal training day. A good start to the month of August.


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