Wednesday, August 8 Training

There is no technique; there is only here and now, now and here.

Interesting considering the later part of the statement is in so many mantras across many religions, tao of [insert name of movement here], and philosophies. That was today’s theme during training. Now some of you might say that this should be more of a Zen thing and that perhaps Aikido would only touch this sparingly.

Not really

Although Morihei Ueshiba, the founder wasn’t into Zen, modern Aikido has been described by many of its practitioners as “moving meditation”. These was what was practiced today.

As my Sensei stated: there are techniques, but it is only through the here and now that we can achieve the techniques. He made the point throughout the class. He also brought up something that many of you should hear. There is an “I/ego” present in the technique. Using quotes from Bruce Lee and Morihei Ueshiba, he paraphrased both of them as stating that there is no “I/ego” when doing technique, there is only the here and now.

Throughout the class my train of though wasn’t “Do I understand this shit?”; it was “Am I too inexperienced to actualize this?”. This is some deep stuff. I mean Bruce Lee deep. I mean Aikido deep. I mean, 99% of all people-don’t-understand-this-anyway deep. That also includes me.

It kinda matches what Sensei has been doing for this week: techniques don’t matter, what matters is that you are in the here and now and the techniques will follow suit. That there is no “I/ego” where you are doing the technique. Instead, your “I/ego” is transparent – a see through entity that is simply an observer to what is happening in the moment.

Quite honestly during the whole time I was either too calm or I wasn’t thinking too much about what he said. That’s the thing with most students, we think about what Sensei says, trying to make sense of what is said. Instead of thinking, I’m attempt to actualize what is being said, attempting to do what is being said. To back up what is being said.

Ugh, my mind is too clear to think. When I start thinking about it all becomes cluttered. Oh well, training at noon tomorrow, you’ll hearing from me then.


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