Saturday, August 11 Training

Writing about this a day late, but oh well. That and I was busying partying up in San Francisco during the night. But alas here it is.

So this class was different because it was headed by three of the senior yudansha , or black belts, of the school. Two 4th Dans and one 3rd, all of whom I have trained with since I first came to this dojo. Honestly I didn’t know that Sensei wasn’t going to be there, so I was a little disappointed. I’m use to the teaching style, methods, level of skill, instruction, and knowledge of both of them so having a lower belt teach is almost a downgrade.

Okay that was a bit harsh.

So instead of comparing the yudansha to my sensei (obviously there is no comparison!), I view trainings like these to be just that: trainings. That day the training came with a little kick.

There was another new person. A slightly overweight middle aged woman, probably late 40s, early 50s. Nothing like the deer in the headlights guy from the last training, but right off the bat when I saw her there was going to be some interesting times. And some interesting ukemi as demonstrated when I was working with her. She was very forceful even with her 5’2″ frame. She kept on using force to apply the techniques and really didn’t seem to try and connect with her partners.

Now granted she’s pretty new too, but at least I tried to listen to my partners even when I was doing something wrong – which was almost every technique! During the short sessions that I was with her I kept my mouth shut with her style, remembering a word of caution from Sensei about being too vocal about my displeasure with people doing horrible form and connection. I was seriously bitting my tongue during those times; this on top of the fact that one of the Sensei’s who was teaching that day is one who I’ve had “misunderstandings” with since we’ve known each other.

Let’s just say I was biting my tongue and watching my back. Oh well I made it through, till tomorrow’s training!


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