Batman Unmasked by the History Channel

Being the Batman fan that I am I found this just today while Youtube surfing.

This is an interesting topic because Batman as a human – who doesn’t have superpowers, is very easily relatable because of that. He has no superpowers yet he able to stand head and shoulders with giants because of his willpower, self-discipline, and dedication (or too much of it) to the city of Gotham.

Is Batman a true crime fighter? Is he a stable human being? What really motivates him?

Although the History Channel legitimacy as an informative source is questionable these days, I always find any psychological analysis of Batman/Bruce Wayne interesting. My viewpoint, I think it can summed up in this clip from the series “Batman Beyond”:

JWS had an interesting take on Batman’s situation: he stated that Bruce and Wayne and Batman are just different levels of the same person. Bruce Wayne being a certain level, and Batman being “level 100” of Bruce Wayne. Basically when Bruce Wayne turns into Batman, he’s still Mr. Wayne, just a much, much bigger and better version of himself. Same person, same spacial existence in place, just a different level of Bruce.

In any case, it’s an interesting video if you have 30 minutes. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Batman Unmasked by the History Channel

  1. I found them in the spam folder for some reason. Anyway great vids; even if they are out of order, it’s always great to see Batman as his finest, thanks.

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