Monday, August 13 Training

It sort of was like this, only she was a lot shorter than me.

Yesterday NSS didn’t teach. A bummer because I haven’t been keeping up with the dojo emails and I later learned that he wouldn’t be in the area for the next two weeks, just in time for me to end my month long training regime of 4 times/week.

Damn it.

Oh well, with that information today what would have been his day of teaching of the Sensei from Saturday was there to teach, lets call him FSS. I’ve mentioned him before as the one who I’ve had some misunderstandings in the past. However today it seemed that the relationship went up a few notches.

This came to me when he asked me to demonstrate as uke in front of the class, something he has only done 5 times in the past 4 years that I’ve known him. I was “in the zone” too much to notice, but now that I’m writing it down it is a great revelation that he actually trusted him enough to demonstrate several techniques in front of the class.

Another big thing that happened. So there’s another new person at the dojo; a late teens/early 20 something Vietnamese woman. She might be 5’2″, but man does she pack a punch. This came to my attention – and surprise when we were doing kotegeshi off of a tsuki (punch to the stomach). Knowing that she was new her uke skills needed help, namely in the realm of aiming. When she did finally hit her mark – my stomach – her fist drove nearly an inch into my stomach. It wasn’t hard or anything, but it stung! I wasn’t expecting her to have that much power. Later as we were doing a yokomen (strike to the side of the head at a 45 degree angle) and her hand came within centimeters of my eye.

This became a theme.

It was my turn to execute and it was a technique where as the nage, you’d sidestep and extend both of your arms to redirect your uke’s yokomen-uchi attack. My right hand decided to get revenge and smacked her straight in the face.

So much for being a gentleman! She said it was okay, but we spent the next few minutes trying to stop laughing.

We also worked some leg sweeps while countering straight punches. Legs sweeps are very, very different from what we think we see in the movies.  Also for me working with extremely tall partners is always a welcome challenge. In this case, I was 5’7″, he was 6’4″. A good Aikido friend of mine too. Perhaps I can get into leg sweeps in the future. But today was definitely an interesting day in the personal dynamic department. Till the next training!


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