Wednesday, August 15 Training

Probably O’Sensei at his peak. Or maybe not

Noon class. I’m coming in late because I got hung up on what I should wear to my first meeting with my master teacher for the fall semester (I’ve decided to finish the teaching program that I started two years ago, a different story for a different time); that and I planning for the rest of the afternoon.

Today I walked into a session discussing how in Aikido there is a fundamental aspect of Aikido that O’Sensei attempted to pass on to this students. According to my Sensei it was lost among many of his top students. There’s a system within the art that states that people travel through “levels” of themselves. In every one of us there is a “Level 1”; this level is the beginning of all of the levels. Through the union of body and mind and without the interference of the Ego/I, there is the beginning of a level. This level 1, when allowed sets the stage of Level 2 to come in. When level 2 is allowed to show itself and balance itself out, then the next level shows itself. This process is, according to my two sensei (one of which studied under O’Sensei), then repeated for each level afterward.

We were doing Kokyo-ho and JWS stated that told me that I was trying to do the movement with my first level – I translated it as I was trying to mentally do the movement instead of simply letting my body to it and have my mind, ego/I, and body unify and allow the technique to flow through.

It’s all very complicated – probably the best reason why none of Aikido premier teachers never got what O’Sensei was talking about – nor could they have ever been able to do what he did. I’ve been told that O’Sensei probably reach levels of existence which were beyond even their own comprehension. Hell just typing this out makes me feel a little too uneasy since I have no freaking clue what this all means – much less how it works. I can only experience it and *attempt* to actualize it through training and everyday life.

Oh and by the way, JWS asked me to become the Community Liaison Officer again, a position that I was ask to leave last September due to some personal issues that arose between myself and the yudansha, although there was nothing between me and JWS. The position was never hard to do and I’ve always found it relaxing to spread the allure of Aikido to the community. It is an honor to serve the dojo once again and I will thank my Sensei by giving a more honest approach to my marketing ventures.

Till the next training tomorrow.


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