Thursday, August 16 Training

A first for me

Second out of four noon classes for this week. Today was taught by a 4th Dan while Sensei took a break in his office. With this guy it’s always a more physical class. He’s in his forties but can easily pass off as a 28 year old! Being that young, he regularly leads the class in stretches and in rolls in the beginning,

Today it was pretty standard; some techniques here and there and that was it. Katatedori shihonage was one of them. Some iriminage variation. And so on.

I respect him because of his rank in addition to him being a friend. However he is not JWS nor is he NSS. I guess I’m just very critical because I’m so use to the (extremely high) level of instruction that when someone lower rank comes in and teaches, it’s kind of underwhelming.

Now don’t get me wrong, training is training, and any that I am getting and will be getting is appreciated, but walking out of the dojo today I felt very drained emotionally for some reason. And I’m here in the library doing emails and I still feel drained. Was it because of just today and the teacher? I hope not. Just saying because usually it’s the opposite – even when my face and gi is soaked in sweat.

Just an empty feeling today; hopefully tomorrow’s training will be better.


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