Friday, August 17 Training + Expendables 2 Review

Same Sensei, same 4th Dan as yesterday (let’s call him Harry). I’ve opted for the noon class today instead of the evening because of work; which blows but whatever. Same routine as yesterday. Some stretches, some techniques, some tsuki (punches/strikes) to the stomach, ikkyo imote and ura, etc. Basic stuff. Since the Sensei teaching is also a friend of mine I felt that the separation between teacher and student wasn’t as strict as when JWS or NSS usually are. During class Harry and I exchanged a couple of rounds of technique and ukemi, something that was on the spur of the moment – comes with the territory when you’re friends with the teacher.

But after the class I felt this feeling that perhaps I could use some more…physically strenuous activity for my spare time. Another martial art that requires a little more testosterone perhaps? Mauy Thai? I’ve been exercising on a part time basis with cardio and weights (depends on whether I can kick myself to go to exercise) and I feel that there’s change a-coming soon and perhaps I should ramp up my activities and “raison d’être”. If this does happen I don’t think I will moving completely away from Aikido, just a bit of self-exploration.

Yu Nan.

Speaking of testosterone, I saw the Expendables 2 last night with two friends. If you want a manly man’s movie, go no further than this movie and/or the previous one. Bullets, blood, brotherhood, mayhem, explosions, and smartass-ery all in one package. Nothing Academy worthy, but if you want all of the above, this is your movie. I like the touch of having one babe in the movie – Maggie Chen (Chinese actress Yu Nan) who’s smart, sassy, knows her shit, can play with the boys, and is attractive to boot.

Can I say she’s attractive, again?

But I digress. But I have one complaint, where did Jet Li go? I barely saw 15 minutes of him and then he was gone. What having two Chinese on-screen at the same time would have been too much? Oh well, there you go. Till the next training.


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