Friday, August 24 Training

Today was kyu testing. So the basic layout was just training from 6 to 7 pm. Then testing; it was a small test – only two people. It was a new student going for this 4th kyu and another one going for his 3rd kyu. Both tests were good for their grade – for the 3rd kyu I’ve been training with him for a while it felt that he was visibly improving.

The testing itself went from 7 to 730pm. Then we had an hour more of training. I don’t remember much of what my sensei stated during the rest of the training, I guess because I was too winded after all the techniques. That’s what JWS has always said: “Don’t write down the techniques and study them.”

I first heard that phrase 3 years ago, and I’ve found this advice extremely useful during all these years. Today was a “dump” day for me – it’s the end of the week, everything that I’ve been through in the week, I’m able to relax and take it out on the mat – usually by being an aggressive uke.

By being “aggressive”, I’m being allowing the body’s own motion and energy to be directed forward. The way I’ve been allowing myself to do it has been to pretend that I’m really hitting my nage.

Yes that’s what I said.

With proper technique given what we’re doing of course. But I mean, I figured on the street and in a chaotic situation people are going to come at you with a minimal amount of intense intention. This intention I’ve found to be useful – especially at given my nage(s) proper and unabridged energy directly to them.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow’s another training day, then there’s the organization group training Sunday morning. Over 30 schools represented. One problem: I have not one but two birthday parties to go after training tomorrow, so I’m hoping I will be sober enough to train Sunday morning at 10am. Let’s hope.


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