Saturday, August 25 Training + New Position

Pretty long day today for some reason. Maybe it was because I woke up and ran 3 miles at 8am this morning. Gotta kick my ass and be productive, ya know? So training came, we entered some techniques. The one thing that stood out here was when Sensei (JWS) called me out on a technique and I don’t know why but the technique jammed up. I had froze.

JWS has the talent to feeling out whether you’re using muscle in your technique. Or if you are going mental (or philosophical) on a technique. It was a Tai no Henko technique. Well in this one he said something very interesting, and I will paraphrase:

[Drew], you’re creating a wall here. There’s not supposed to be one there. You’re creating chains and walls for yourself where there’s isn’t supposed to be any in the first place. Your I/ego does that. 

Sensei, you have no idea how true that is off the mat!

Something I will be filing away for other things. In other news, there’s the organization meeting tomorrow, hopefully after my birthday journeys today I will have the will to go to the 10am training. Also this coming Monday, August 27th, I will begin my teaching apprenticeship! Even though I have my Master’s of Arts in Teaching, I don’t have my teaching certificate to teach in California. Hopefully this third time is a charm (*knocks on wood). With the start of this new job my training posts will cease, as well as my training which will slow down to a trickle. I won’t talk about my position too much here, since that was the reason why I lost it last year!

This year so far, and rather in the past few months have been a barrage of “firsts” and new experiences: my counselor position with the Italian high school students, going back to school for 4 months, and just a general upheaval of personal relations both good and not so good. I wouldn’t have it any other way – but I better be careful as to what I wish for!


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